There is a long history of coal mining and exploration in the Chickaloon Project region. Historical reports on former coal mining operations at Chickaloon and at King River (US Navy 1918 to 1922) and on an adjacent coal lease to the north (Hobbs Industries Ltd) provide evidence of the prospectivity of the Chickaloon Project lease for good quality metallurgical coal.

Chickaloon Project Region Coal Mining Timeline


First recordings of coal fields


First recognised as a high quality coking coal region and coal mine established on the Chickaloon River


US Navy focused on the coals for their Pacific Fleets, and considered an option to assist in building railroads to open up the mineral wealth of the interior


First coal produced, with 800 tons of Chickaloon coal sledded to Seward for US Navy test burn


Rail link developed to the Chickaloon Project Region servicing the coal mines


Operations ceased when petroleum began to gain greater significance after discoveries in California and later in Alaska

1958 – 1960

Open pit mining conducted at Castle Mountain

Source: Alaska Earth Sciences, Inc. Independent Geologist’s Report

Chickaloon Project Property Layout

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Overview of Regional Coal Exploration and Development


  • Mined from 1913–1922
  • Total of 13 separate coal beds were mined from 10 tunnels between 0.8m and 5.2m thick
  • US Navy targeting power for the Pacific Fleet

Castle Mountain

  • US Navy undertakes exploration at Castle Mountain from 1920 to 1922
  • In 1958 two pits focused on three coal seams
  • 180m along strike and 30m down dip were mined for 20,000t of production

Kings River

  • Outcropping coal identified in 1913 by US Navy
  • Small mine focused on two coal beds historically
  • 1.5m and 3.0m thick