Our Commitments

  • To Riversdale, the safety of our workforce and the surrounding community and the environment we work in remains the highest priority;
  • Responsible development in a manner that respects the people, the community and the environment in which we operate through the use of world leading technologies in mining, processing, transport and waste management;
  • Riversdale looks to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the operations through training, employment opportunities, a commitment to local service providers, participating in development strategy sessions and being an active member of the community;
  • Being a supportive member of the community and establishing strong relationships with our stakeholders based on trust and open communication. Riversdale works closely with host Governments and Communities to ensure a relationship based on trust and open communication is established whereby all parties benefit from the mineral development;
  • Minimising impacts to the environment by implementing appropriate stewardship practices to responsibly develop the resource and manage environmental performance; and
  • Managing our business to withstand the cyclical nature of the global coal sector, providing a stable employment and economic base for our workers and the surrounding community, and meeting our business goals. Riversdale looks to maintain a dynamic and entrepreneurial business approach to ensure resources are developed in the most efficient manner to the benefit of all stakeholders.