Riversdale (through its wholly owned subsidiary, Benga Mining) completed the acquisition of the Crowsnest Pass Complex in South West Alberta, Canada on 29 August 2013.

The Crowsnest Pass Complex area of South West Alberta has a long history of coal mining and is located within 50 kilometres of a number of Teck Resources' metallurgical coal mines in British Columbia.

The Crowsnest Pass Complex includes:

  • the Grassy Mountain Project, a promising hard coking coal development project;
  • three metallurgical coal exploration opportunities, consisting of the Bellevue, Adanac and Lynx Creek properties; and
  • a substantial freehold land package, which includes a significant area near the Grassy Mountain Project that is suitable for locating project related infrastructure.

Crowsnest Pass Complex Location

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On-site Infrastructure

With the exception of access roads and a main electrical power transmission line, there is no major existing infrastructure at the Grassy Mountain Project. The basic mine infrastructure must be established and will include an electrical power system, haul roads, a coal conveyor system, a coal preparation plant, a rail loadout, maintenance shops, a laboratory and other necessary facilities.

Rail Options

The Grassy Mountain Project is located in close proximity to rail infrastructure, being approximately 6km from an existing high capacity rail line that leads to destinations in:

  • Southern British Columbia (approximately 1,070km);
  • Northern British Columbia (approximately 2,000km); and
  • USA Pacific North West (approximately 1,100km).

Port Options

There are a number of existing and proposed ports on the west coast of North America through which Grassy Mountain Project coal could potentially be exported. The nearest ports to the mine site are in the Vancouver area and Riversdale has signed an agreement with Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership to provide shipping of Riversdale’s metallurgical coal through the Westshore Terminal in Vancouver.