Riversdale (through its wholly owned subsidiary, Benga Mining) completed the acquisition of the Crowsnest Pass Complex in South West Alberta, Canada on 29 August 2013.

The Crowsnest Pass Complex area of South West Alberta has a long history of coal mining and is located within 30 kilometres of the operating steel making coal mines in the Elk Valley, BC.

The Crowsnest Pass Complex includes:

  • the Grassy Mountain Project, a promising hard coking coal development project;
  • steel coal making exploration opportunities, consisting of the Grassy South, Grassy North, Bellevue, Adanac and Lynx Creek properties; and
  • a substantial freehold land package, which includes a significant area near the Grassy Mountain Project that is suitable for locating project related infrastructure.

Crowsnest Pass Complex Location

Crowsnest Pass Complex map

Tenement Map

On 23 January 2017, the Government of Alberta advised that it intends to cancel approximately 1,400 hectares of Adanac crown coal leases located within the proposed Castle Provincial Park.

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